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VieDome signs cooperation agreement

VieDome finds it of great importance that in the Brainport region Eindhoven sustainable investments are done in facilities to provide excellent technical and care education. VieDome therefore supports the initiative of the Summa College to work with companies to encourage and improve the healthcare education in the region. VieDome has signed a cooperation agreement with Summa for the care innovation project "Smart Care at Home".


In this collaboration VieDome will deliver, install, upgrade and maintain care equipment and home automation so students can learn to cope with it and work in a realistic environment. This involves placing sensors, cameras, lock systems, alarm systems and more in the existing infrastructure of the District training company Local + and other areas within Summa College. For example, there is a complete care Central furnished and in a number of practice areas for nursing and care State-of-the-art sensor and communication technologies are implemented. In addition, home applications are integrated. 


Over the coming four years VieDome provides 1200 licenses on VieDome Community platform for internships outside of the school. This allows students, caregivers and clients to gain experience in working with digital communities at home. The project is aimed at strengthening the self-reliance of vulnerable citizens. Finally VieDome supports robot technology associated with the VieDome platform. Students, caregivers and clients thus can gain experience with the use of robots in the home.

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