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  • TKH Care Solutions Partner of Smartest home in the Netherlands

    TKH Care Solutions has recently become partner of the smartest home in the Netherlands. The smartest home in the Netherlands is an initiative from Smart Homes Eindhoven. Comfortable, safe and enjoyable live at home and working and learning from your own home are the main needs of this time. Smart Homes therefore shows different possible technical solutions in the smartest home of Netherlands. At present, the smartest home of Netherlands is placed in Eindhoven. Read more »

  • TKH Care Solutions visits Baden Württemberg

    Early May TKH Care Solutions, as part of the delegation of the Brabant minister Bert Pauli, visited Baden Württemberg. After a visit to the kingsday reception of Dutch Consul in Baden Württemberg, the delegation visited the "Lebensfase Haus" of the University of Tübingen. Read more »

  • VieDome signs cooperation agreement

    VieDome finds it of great importance that in the Brainport region Eindhoven sustainable investments are done in facilities to provide excellent technical and care education. VieDome therefore supports the initiative of the Summa College to work with companies to encourage and improve the healthcare education in the region. VieDome has signed a cooperation agreement with Summa for the care innovation project "Smart Care at Home". Read more »

  • TKH Care Solutions participates in IFHE 2016 in the Hague

    From 18 to 20 april 2016 the IFHE World Congress takes place in the Netherlands. The theme is: "knowledge sharing for better care worldwide". Healthcare changes in quick succession, among other things due to aging, new technologies, the role of new media and limited availability of fossil fuels. In this process of changing technology is increasingly more important. Read more »

  • VieDome takes part in the Digital Health & Wellness Summit @ Mobile World Congress 2016

    From 22 to 24 February the Digital Health & Welness Summit @ Mobile World Congress takes place in Barcelona. Read more »

  • VieDome provides with connection!

    VieDome delivers the technology for remote care at home that communicates over the internet. This makes that the home is always online and real time can be checked if everything is still function correctly. Read more »

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